5 Amenities to look for when Buying a Home in Godrej Ashok Vihar

For any project is amenities plays a major role because it uplifts the value of the property and brings an active lifestyle which is essential after the desk-bound job. Upcoming residential project Godrej Ashok Vihar New Delhi comes with an impressive range of modern amenities to create an active lifestyle within the housing, so here we are going to disclose each of its amenities to clear the worth of the property.


This project is well scattered over 27 acres of area to get full use of the space and have a capacious living area inside.


Here the site comes with Vastu complaint that brings positivity all over and keeps you away from the negative impact.


Today the project looks incomplete without its services and out of all, sports is considered as one of the main features, so in Godrej Ashok Vihar you will find indoor and outdoor sports facility where you will have different sports options to bring all families together and let them exposure different sport each day.


Keeping you away from the pollution the site is laced with lush greenery, series of trees (1000+ trees), and theme gardens to create a pollutant-free ambiance where residents can always imbibe fresh air and stay in a healthy ambiance keeping them away from the city pollution.

5 Amenities to look for when Buying a Home in Godrej Ashok Vihar

The site comes with more features where the gym, spa service, jogging track and lots more features are added to the Godrej Ashok Vihar project to bring all residents together and give them different facilities in the project where without stepping out one can get into each of its services and have a better day after the desk-bound job.

So If you plan your Godrej Ashok Vihar Delhi then do not forget to check these amenities and In fact, more to meet an exclusive lifestyle that is way better than your previous one.